Monday, August 07, 2006

No, we're not really killing children, are we? It's all smoke and mirrors. Of course.

I'm beginning to think Israel is the California of the world; it is a smaller version of the whole world in the near future.


Anonymous said...

dan my man in seoul jackson, i miss you!!! shit. pittsburgh is, so far, the pitts! a filthy apartment and asshole landlords. the city itself, is cool. southside flats are cramme with bars and shops. had interview with officeteam, connected with kelly services there, too. ugh! how are you? get a phone? yer sister pranked me last week. invited me to party. write/call soon. watching california/israel on the news. vry depressing. jason

sarcasmus said...

temping in pittsburgh, eh? have you located your local burgomeister to complain about your landlord? filthy apartment? move, man! move! Get the hell out of there!
move to Denver or Seattle. Or New York!

Anonymous said...

dude jason. that was no prank. drew's having a party this weekend. you and wendy should come. then move to seattle. it's green. and then maybe we can convince my bro to move there. and then yertie. sorry i haven't emailed you back yet danbot. i will soon.