Saturday, April 16, 2005

Putting the Angry in Angry and Sloppy

I am so very angry.

Very, very angry.

So angry, there´s no room for sloppy.

So angry. So angry. So angry.

Very angry.

Anger. So precise. Not sloppy.

Not because of this.

Though that is reason enough to be angry.

I wish my anger was not so personal. I wish my anger was not so petty. I wish my anger was not ridiculous. But I cannot control it. I can recognize it as anger. And it must fume on its own. There is nothing I can do but be angry.

It is a black time. But there is a world of sunlight waiting for me. I know. It is beyond these malignant hills.


nanana said...

It makes us angry because it creates fear. The other night I had a nightmare that I was hiding in a cupboard because the Christians were coming to get me. I woke up and wondered where that dream came from.
What is amazing is that the Repubs are acting as if their behavior is good and ethical, while they deplete the budget for their own gain. Why is no one decrying the high price of gasoline, and the low prices of the stock market? The country is in debt, worst of all, we are engaged in an immoral, illeagal war and everyone just goes on their merry way.
I'm angry, sad, and scared,

Empress Girl said...

don't worry, dan jackson. things will work out. well, i'm not sure about all those republicans and christians mamama is talking about, but your housing situation will iron itself out. really.

sarcasmus said...

Thanks. I know things will work out, eventually. Here´s to the future.

Anonymous said...

Where is Bea Arthur when you need her????
-Kraig in japan