Monday, April 25, 2005

Heads up

This is cool.

It reminds me of something I met to talk about earlier on, about the medical data chip. You know, the thing where a doctor can scan you and know your entire history. Maybe it has your religious affiliations and any mental problems, like anxiety or Judaism. I think that's a great idea. It would be really really really really really really really handy.

This is a heads up, because when I get back to the states this blog will regress back to its former state. That being composed of digressive rants about Werner Herzog and Hiking Related Amputations. And of the man who mailed himself. And possibly beer. Because I won't be getting no more of that Spanish wine.


Anonymous said...

Even though no comments are posted, that does not mean that no one is reading and following your adventures. There are times when one needs to rant or rave, or even communicate with the impersonal universe, other times when one individual will do.

The instructions below this comment window say "choose an identity". This calls into question more than I want to think about for now, although it is a question that I find compelling, and one which I have wrestled with most of my life.

sarcasmus said...

Well, that´s good to know. I will keep that in mind, and take it as encouragement to use this relief-valve venue.

Tomorrow I will post some pictures. Including snails, which are in my belly now. I´m feeling a bit woozy at the moment.

Identity is over-rated.

Anonymous said...

although wondering about identity seems to be my current career path, it is in many ways a valueless word that we assign endless meaning to. so at the moment i choose...hmmm, not sure. wacky loved little sister? -thod