Saturday, December 20, 2008

There are a million things here....but, christ not ENOUGH writing is done much of the web is showing off fucking Products...but I want more content....but the only way to add it is to do it....right? So I will...fer now, when it is late, and the kids are asleep and my belly is full of shnitze and fried eggs and good german beer...and I'm not so alienated anymore....right? BUt I can't forget what it is were here for, right...just want to stumble around, feel the soul come out-----fuck that horseshitnonsense, but, well, I can't type, but I can hear the train not far from my house...and that's what I want to be...carrying coal all night long. There was a time in my youth when information was not so legible...I want kids to be there..but they won't. they are already smarter then me. BUt I AM healthy tho I fell on my ass earlier tonight. down the carpeted basement stairs I went, while talking with my son about weather or not he was going to follow me down the stairs...but too late, I was already there. Sorry, buddy, sorry. This is a KOrean keyboard I type on. Good luck. Every last movie I see has Clooney in it, but That's not that bad. Dan posting korine blurbs. and that is not what I am looking forward to...not my kind of of the band Gomez! English junkers wanting to be black americans! that's wheres...its at. for now,at least..

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