Thursday, November 20, 2008

Making Tron Real

Long time readers know that I'm into alternatives to mice for controlling my computer. So far, the best we have are trackballs. But this might be taking us somewhere where I want to be:

So far it's only the finger that gets to go into tron-space to fondle the digital panda. But if your hand gets to go in, and possibly, your whole arm, well, then you may get to that level of organic movement that may be less damaging than our current interfaces. Supposedly, the most ergonomic form a keyboard could take is a ball, about the size of a beach ball with the keys on the sides. Well, if your hand could merge with the monitor in a digital opening, like the finger poking at the panda on the tire swing, you could interface with a virtual mouse and virtual keyboard that would let you do all sorts of things that would look like interpretive dance, and be better for your musculature.

Here's a direct link to the Japanese site.

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Zentrout said...

This was a big hit at my office. Thanks.