Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The end of satire as we know it

What will the satirists do once W is gone?

They will satire people who think that there's nothing left to satire.


We can always freeze and then clone the unsatirable until we develop the technology to satire it.

UPDATE 2. Maybe satire IS over.

Wolf Blitzer using Star Wars-like hologram technology.


Anonymous said...

Oh NO..it's just begun. FX won't go away. There will always be Tom Delay. The age of Palin has just begun, and the age of the Republican is dawning. Most of the moderates have been pushed aside the last 8 years and only the loonies are left. They won't shut up and will attempt to have "Contracts for America" type stuff in weak attempts to upstage the Dems. Andy they will be cast into the fire by their own brethern so loonier folks can take their place.
Satirists are already wetting their gums, filling their toners with ink and have their ears waiting for the Congressional Wars soon to occur. Stay Tuned. There will be many laughs yet to come!!!
-Subarashii Hinode

sarcasmus said...

I'm am comforted.