Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tom Delay is connecting all the dots; Barack Obama is a Marxist Theologian

I love this intercourse between Tom Delay and Chris Mathews.

As Crooks and Liars quotes:

"He must agree with the Marxist theology of black liberation theology."

"I tagged Barack Obama as a Marxist months ago. [...] He's a Marxist, or a socialist at best."

He claims that Barack Obama is a Black Marxist Theologian.

Ahem. I want to know how Obama can reconcile Marxism with a Creator.

He says Obama is more left than Gore and Kerry combined. How you transmute a quanlity like 'liberalism' into a quantity.

Also, the real Barack Obama is coming out. Although, why he would come out before the election, I don't know. That's some October surprise.

I think Tom Delay was one of those kids who had one of those connect the dots books, and he didn't just connect the dots that made out the outline, but made a big scribbley mess connecting EVERY SINGLE DOT. Come on guys. The consensus seems to be that McCain is losing because the Republicans could never rally around a single narrative. I think they could switch things around if they just say Barack Obama is MC Ren.

But seriously, when the Republicans lose (as Sarah Palin is counting on,) everyone is going to blame McCain. And he has been running a truly incompetent campaign (just think of what he'd do to this country?--it'd be worse than Bush, though Bush set the bar.) I doubt that the Right and the Washington Press Corps will give the credit due to Obama for running a brilliant campaign. As a wanna-be Marxist Theologian (which conflicts with my Jesus wanna-be aspirations, not to mention my Jesus aspirations), I find Obama too conservative for my tastes. I mean, he taught at the law school at the University of Chicago, the most prestigious right-wing law school in the US. But I can certainly appreciate his political aptitude. I think he's brilliant, and if he loses, it will be due to a conspiracy.



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So being a marxist is un-american....TOM DELAY should be in prison for manipulating funds, supporting child labor in the south pacific.....he makes me mad and Matthews..he has been disgraced ten times over and MAtthews STILL has him on.....ARRGGGGG......

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