Friday, October 10, 2008

Castanets and Ero Gray

Ero is famous in my book. He's on metacritic!

City Of Refuge by Castanets
The fourth album for the indie rock band features guest appearances by Jana Hunter, Sufjan Stevens, Dawn Smithson, Scot Tuma, and Ero Gray.

Here's the AMG listing.


Ero said...

Clarification of my involvement: this excellent record was made almost entirely by one dude alone in a motel in the desert on his laptop. He brought the files to me and I did a lot of careful and unobtrusive fiddling to get the good sounds up front-- but I didn't add anything to the album, play any instruments, or do any dramatic effects tricks. I think it's a truly great album (though a little bit of a downer, a serious nevada death trip), but I don't get much credit for that, I was just one of several careful midwives of a genius baby.

There is however a 'dub' version of the album, that I made for Asthmatic Kitty while working on the regular version of the album, and did all sorts of crazy things to, including changing the time signature on one song, adding strange drummy machine wackos to, re-recording bass (with Suzanne Hacker-X as my magic studio thumpy thump), using home recorded utensil-and-pot-and-pan sounds to create drumbeats, and some mega-drone spacescapes. Don't know when or that'll come out, but it partakes in a lot of the excellence of the original version, and hopefully stands alone somewhat too.

sarcasmus said...

Sweet. Thanks for the low-down. I'm definitely looking forward to getting my hands on this one. And also the Dub record too.