Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Grammar is rubbish

Looky here:

8. How about "none of them is" and "none of them are"? Most people would use the latter whereas the former is correct. "None" is short for "not one" therefore "not one (none) of them is" would be used. Most newsreaders still get it right though - on the BBC anyway!
Emily, Bristol

NOTE: Fowler's Modern English Usage says that "none" is not short for "not one" and although using a singular verb is more common, using a plural verb has also been an acceptable option since the reign of King Alfred.

OHHH thank you King Alfred. Since they were doing it in King Alfred's day then it's okay if WEEEE DOOOO.


Okay, I agree with this one:

11. I find the increasing, incorrect use of "literally" annoying.... "I literally went blue with anger!!" "Really?" I ask.
Ned, Wallingford

'Literally' has literally losts its meaning.

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