Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Geek Love

I think I blog about my dreams sometimes, and vice versa. Last night I was at some informal party and Laurie Anderson and Yoko Ono were talking. I sort of edged closer to them and Laurie Anderson was talking about how she got married to Lou Reed because they wanted a family for their kids. I don't know if they have kids in real life, but that's what she said in the dream. Yoko was asking Laurie about being a married artist, and Laurie talked about incorporating Lou in some of her nude video installations. It was weird at first for Lou, she said, but he's gotten used to it. Then I sort of insinuated myself into the conversation as I edged closer and closer to the casually-chatting superstar artists, and I asked Yoko about the old New York days. She said she liked John Cale's work. I asked her if she liked La Monte Young. She laughed and said "Like La Monte Young?" Apparently she thought he was a real asshole, but she liked his work.

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