Monday, June 09, 2008

No revolution for you...

This should scare all who hope to take to the streets in the near future.

Meanwhile, while scientists celebrate the Phoenix landing and Mars and all that it hopes to uncover, please take note of the end of this paragraph from the May 26 article from the Boston Globe (link to full ariticle):

"...Next year, the Mars Science Laboratory, a lander as large as an automobile and equipped with a ray-gun type laser to zap rocks at a distance of 30 feet, is scheduled to follow up on Phoenix's discoveries." The real reason why we are going to Mars? Why does NASA feel the need to "ZAP" space rocks. What is their real goal. Is testing such a weapon on Earth too dangerous. It's not like they are using naplam in Iraq (What's a cock-up? Read the article and find out.). Is there a ray gun ban on Earth. Is Mars the next testing ground for weapons..."

Bottom Line: The weaponization of Mars is soon to occur. Where is a treaty when you need one? The ABM (Alien Black Market) believes this why Alien sighting are now occurring in Denver and not on Mars. They are going to attack us here before we attack them there.

I pledge that we begin DOMP- the Deweaponization Of Mars Priority. Mars should be a weapon free planet. A spokes person from the ABM says, "We must not allow weapons to be used and brought to our beloved red sister planet. If we fail now, we fail the future of our great grandchildren who will no doubt colonize the planet generations from now."
Students have already begun to take to the streets in protest. This is a cuase that the EMO generation have embraced whole heartedly.
"We can't hate Mars. And we're sick of our parents who don't understand our music. It's not like the My Chemical Romance are biting the heads off of bats and sending weapons to Mars. We deplore the weaponization of Mars. That's what the X on our hands stand for. No weapons on planet X. We want peace on Mars."

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Christ! That ray gun thing.

Good post!

Puts a shame to that sarcasmus guy.