Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chrononauts Unite

Members of Alien Black Market have been on a quest for the past few months attempting to uncover the identities of the Chronoauts who live among us. Perhaps it's you, maybe it's me. But as the TISL state (timeline international security laws-I'm not making this up) it is illegal to state so. So please keep it to your self for safety reasons. However, as this author suggests it is OK to hint at the fact that you are.

Why is it so important to understand and appreciate the noble roles that Choronauts play in society?
"The fact that they live among us give us faith that we will not blow up the Earth anytime soon." Says our ABM Emo correspondent. "As a matter of fact, Chronoauts are already being embraced by our Republicans representatives around the country. Emo is the religion of the future, or so we are guessing by the X's that most Chronoauts tattoo on their arms."
"This is proof that there is no such thing as Global Warning." Says a spokesman from the Young Republicans who asked to remain unnamed. "We can continue to follow the path we are one. We can do what we want because we know that the Chronoauts exist."
As news of Chronoauts is spreading from country to country they refuse to come out in the public afraid to break what are known as the "McFly" rules of time travelling.
"They are afraid of Biffing the future, " our resident Emo explains, "afraid that people will come into power who shouldn't be there. They seek protection of the future by roaming around blindly and curiously in the present, like wandering anthropologists."

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A clock-brain conspiracy!