Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Blog Experiment has seemed to Diffused my Already Diffused Vision

I'm thinking of making this a single-authored blog again. No offense to my co-conspirators. Sub hasn't made a contribution in decades, neither has thod; and Zentrout seems to have a vision that isn't quite in tune with my own. I mainly wanted the extra contributors because I was feeling lonely in blogland, as well in my own land. But that loneliness has subsided. I would like the opinions, in either blog form or in private email exchange; opinions from the readers and co-bloggers are being asked for by Sarcasmus. I hope this does not create a rift. I just feel that as little focus this blog ever had, it's even less focused. Maybe it's because I'm a control freak. But it's my blog and I can cry if I want to.


Anonymous said...

if i make a comment does that mean that you will think that i mind? because if i don't leave a comment then that's a lazy/passive way of saying 'ok dude.' right?

oops! crap. i just wrote a comment even though i don't mind. i'm more of a blog voyeur.

ps-nice glossies!

sarcasmus said...

i guess I have to make a comment, too. I guess you are telling me it doesn't seem to matter. you are still a presence and personality on this blog, but i'm wondering if I should make this a single-contributor blog to give it a little more focus.

Anonymous said...

i really do think it's ok. i mean if sub, zen or i reaaaaally want to blog there are ways to do so. i think it was a good experiment. well, that's my togrot anyways. can't wait to see pics from lapland!


Zentrout said...

Well, in the end, it your blog...and I appreciate you letting me express some ideas and inspirations to your loyal audience, and I hope that you find the focus you are looking for!