Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Abby Normal, Pittsburgh, Sentimental Thoughts

I'm in Pittsburgh now, staying with Wendi and Jason; this is after staying a few days with The Errorist and H4ckERDEiTy X in New York. These have been very emotional days. And no doubt when I get to Denver, it will continue to be. I really feel a mental circumnavigation, as if my entire mental and emotional universe has slowly whirled around on its axis.

And I've decided, as blogmaster, that if you are a contributor to this blog, PLEASE feel free to post more, and whatever you want to post about. (Where are you BEAUTIFUL SUNRISE??) I will supply the anger and sloppy. And you can supply the anecdote. Although I feel that maybe a new blog that allows for diverse voices should be started, and I am even contemplating a discontinuation of this one because of my ambivalence towards it. The new blog might be called ZTN. And it will be more of an online magazine. We can put stories, poetry, drawings, pictures and music up on it. But I'm not sure.

But in the mean time, feel free to share your views.

Maybe I will always need this blog. It seemed so right when I started it long ago. As I sit staring at this screen in a Pittsburgh cafe, I feel drained and a bit empty. But I feel ready to really start getting writing again. It was fantastic to play music. My gracious hosts in NY have a piano, and The Errorist and I jammed a lot, and HDX played her earthy bass and it was just very healing. And now I'm with my Boho friends in Pittsburgh, reminiscing about our attempts of being Bohemians, living on our credit cards. And now everybody has jobs. Not me, but I'll be getting one again soon enough. No longer boho. But no longer sobro. (That means so broke.)

Stay tuned for pictures of naked old men.

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