Thursday, January 11, 2007

Drunk on Success

It will be possible if consumers are willing to pay a small amount. Both to pressure computer makers and taking a legal action are not useful because someone is always can find a way around new technologies disturbing illegal downloading. Therefore It depends on whether people pay.


Anonymous said...

hey sloppy--

did you ask permission to use that photo?

and hey, what does a lil' sis' have to do to get a b-day call?!? if you don't call i may have to call you...hehehe.


sarcasmus said...

Ask permission? He can hardly talk!

Sorry for the lack of the phone calls to you.

Life is a little crazy right now.

Andrew said...

He so can talk! I asked him about the photo. He doesn't think it's the best likeness, but it will do. His words, verbastim, were, ehhh ghewdm jdjjd nmaaahamdadaaaahh....waaaah! so there.

sarcasmus said...

yeah, right. he couldn't even get into a beginning level English class in Korea. Well, maybe the very lowest level--the level my superiors make me teach most often. Does he know the difference between countable and non-countable nouns? Drool is non-countable but Drew is countable.

Anonymous said...

browsing the net for various sites on anger treatment for unruly teenagers (breathing sessions, gym, various kinds of support systems) and found your blog. You are in Korea.... (I might find some other familiar faces on the net by clicking on how to fry an egg). Happy new Year Dan

Anonymous said...

When are you getting a camera?

sarcasmus said...

Please, learn how to fry an egg!

I'm in Korea!~

I don't know when I'm getting a camera. I'm getting a new computer this month.

Anonymous said...

I am learning how to fry an egg. The perfect fried egg is a glory to behold....good 'ld delia. I still prefer meatballs, apparently they are a truly international dish (one might think they are an italian recipe, but claims they originate from the midwest are rife......what a liberty!!!!). Yer 'tis.. After all gladiators and trojans spoke english with an american accent (an had peroxide blond hair...).