Saturday, October 14, 2006

Japan on the brain

Next stop on the Dan tour of the world will undoubtably be Japan. Here are some cursory findings of my investigation of its artifacts:

I'll have to teach English to earn my keep, so this'll how I'll do it (but I won't be so sexy):

This one is a show where they punish you for laughing; a common theme, it seems. This one has a twist of surreal added to a homey Ozu vibe.

This one really messes with mind; especially the haunting final shot.

The prank shows can be a bit on the elaborate side:

And it gets worse:

But sometimes it's best to keep it simple:

Here's some sexy:

Lastly, Shatner:


Anonymous said...

Oh, how I miss those weekday nights of mine spent watching those "varity shows" you are now fond of where people don't have to eat bugs or prove an unbdesirable love for their cousins by breaking up with their aunts or uncles in front of an audience that are more than happy to fight with each other or show off their tattoo chests, just to entertain the veiwers. Good luck. I hope you make it there......What about Korean T.V.? How about given us some clips from their shows...
Did you get a new camera yet?!
I'l send you one if you need it!!

sarcasmus said...

haven't really found any Korean tv on youtube. there must be some. but I don't think it's the same. When I first got here I watched Korean TV; the strangest thing I saw was a perky girl-announcer with a t-shirt that said "Mr. Shit is Death." I may have been hallucinating on sleep-deprivation. But the memory is fairly lucid. Since I have no TV, I haven't a chance to check it out anymore. They watch lots of dramas and stuff.

no'll give me a camera? Sure, I'll take it. Gimme gimme.