Thursday, October 05, 2006


The Christians have a much better explanation now than "God put [the dinosaur bones] in the ground so that we'd find them."

Lots to love here. Let's start with this:

As you add up all of the dates, and accepting that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to Earth almost 2000 years ago, we come to the conclusion that the creation of the Earth and animals (including the dinosaurs) occurred only thousands of years ago (perhaps only 6000!), not millions of years. Thus, if the Bible is right (and it is!), dinosaurs must have lived within the past thousands of years.

If the Bible is right (and it is) then it's right--which it is, but only if it's right (and it is.)


Empress Girl said...

Those Christians! This is the part of the article I appreciated the most (especially the last sentence):

"They only uncover dead dinosaurs (i.e., their bones), and their bones do not have labels attached telling how old they are. The idea of millions of years of evolution is just the evolutionists’ story about the past. No scientist was there to see the dinosaurs live through this supposed dinosaur age."

Anonymous said...

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sarcasmus said...

Ah, if only I could.