Saturday, July 15, 2006

Some Pictures from Korea

Soju just flies from down the sky down into your mouth, here. They do a lot of drinking here.

Here was my first day in my love hotel; or in my case, self-love:

In this part of the world the Secret Masters don't hide their activity; ie., here's one of their trucks:

Here I am in my new apartment, eating ramyon. When I don't teach I eat ramyon. Also reading and listening to the rain. (I don't read the rain or teach the ramyon. The ramyon teaches and the rain reads me, yes?) Also, fighting mosquitos. I like to smack them after they are filled with my blood and I say to them "Ha! You've got my blood but I got yours! Rahhh!"

There's nothing more vulgar or filthy in this world than money.

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