Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mac versus PC

I am more than four months away from realization, but I would like to buy a laptop for producing digital media. Ie., film, music. I don't know if I should go for Mac or PC. If I buy a Mac it comes everything I need for basic production. But I have more bang for the buck generally with a PC. I feel that the choice of PC is less fascist--but like all choices, perhaps it is illusory. A Mac comes with iMovie and I could upgrade to Final Cut when I get a feel for editing. Plus it would be compatible with my brother's system. But I've never owned a Mac before...the prospect feels a bit creepy, fascism withstanding.

Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

and bill gates isn't a facist? unless you're willing to learn linux or whatever else is available, you're going to be using microsoft products. what corporation isn't facist? that's what advanced capitalism is: specialization=monopoly=facism. make way for the technological oligarchies before they hunt you down! you need to read some Lenin bro. i like my mac, but make sure you buy their warrantee otherwise they may screw you, just like everyone else. i guess one solution would be to investigate which companies are least willing to facilitate the government's facist tendencies. which facist is the worst at being facist?


Anonymous said...

jack Son!!!!

what up with you? we are sad, scared, drunk (me anyway) and a bit excited, no? leaving for pitts today!!!! goodbye nyc. shitballs.
how is seoul? teaCHING? THE WOMEN? heave gotten to talk to any interesting folk? ben to the north? things crazy in lebanon eh? pranked yer sister yesterday from the beer garden. what wrong with mel gibson, what an ass.

sarcasmus said...

buhhh--this job is crzy. don't know how long i'll last here. might get fired because my bosses is terribly crazy. but my students are great.
ha ha mel gibson. what a dipshit. why doesn't he just come out as a Jew-hater instead of all this mewly mouthed nambypambying?
Crazy things in Lebanon. You are pranking my sister? Do you and Sara have good drunken conversations?

Anonymous said...

sorry i missed your call jason. next time i'm drunk i'll try to remember to return the favor. or next time i've eaten too many snails and kumquats, whichever comes first.
--angry's lil' sis

ApocolypseEngine said...