Saturday, March 05, 2005

Uno Momento, Por Favor

I will hopefully be able to find a place that will let me upload all my Madrid and Sevilla pictures...soon.

I came up with a lot of ´profound´ thoughts on the busride from Madrid to Sevilla, but I forgot them all once I got here. Sevilla is a beautiful town-city. It has incredible energy, and I got a good room (it has a balcony.)

I was going to say something about the whole Tolstoy versus Dostoevsky thing. I finished Anna Karenina and all I can say is that I am glad that I have said that Tolstoy is my favorite writer after all these years. He still is. I won´t go into why right now. But Tolstoy is a perfect writer.

Then I was going to go into something about Goya and Bosch. I saw Goya´s black paintings and Bosch´s Garden of Earthly Delights, and the voice that tells me Tolstoy is superior to Dostoevsky was telling me that Velasquez and Early Goya is superior to Bosch and Black Goya.

But I LOVED the black paintings. Each one except maybe the Saturn eating his kid one. That´s merely brilliant, not genius. And I think the Bosch is practically the most technically amazing painting I´ve ever seen, and the most imaginative. Outside of Leonardo, maybe. Not that I´m an expert or a scholar. But I am full of myself and have seen a lot of paintings.

So essentially we have a debate between Good and Evil. As I see it. A debate that is based on the assumption which there is a God. Which there is none.

A younger version of me hated Tolstoy and anything Manet or Velasquez. (Las Menininas, if that´s how you spell it, is the most impressive large painting I´ve ever seen. And I felt GOOD liking it. I knew liking it was a GOOD thing. Like liking Anna Karenina. And that GOODNESS maybe makes it seem even better than it is. Or maybe not seem, but actually MAKES it better because it MAKES you feel GOOD.) A less younger version of me decided that Dostoevsky was a genius, but fundamentally flawed. And then there´s Salvidor Dali, who I hated for a very long time, but I am sort of changing my mind as I reconcile GOOD and EVIL in my Atheistic mind.

Oh yes, I am totally bored with Picasso. Is that normal?

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The cure for being bored with Picasso, is to check out his erotic work. Really spices up the ouevre a bit.