Monday, February 28, 2005

how to read my blog

Subj: TO Dan in spain!
Date: 2/27/2005 6:33:04 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: kraig ludensky
Sent from the Internet (Details)

I had a few issues with your blog:
1) No photos of you. I went toyour site because your email said "look at me! Look at me!" But where was Dan? I asked myself. I looked hard through the trees and cobble stone streets thinking "O.K., I get it. It's like where's Waldo." So I looked harder-- zooming in on the windows on the side streets, and even checked to see if it was your shadow that was behind the windows in the church- no it was Elvis'. So where were you....Hmmm, I though. This is a puzzle indeed so I read your blog enteries looking for you and then realized, ah---its the numerology thing, isn't it. So like the great biblical rabbi I am not I pulled out some old hebrew tricks and began counting the letters, figuring out a pattern between the As' Ns' and Xs'. Andalas when I removed each of those letters from the blog page (pasting them to a piece of paper) I started to see a pattern that was incomplete so N being the 14th letter of our alphabet and realizing that Mem Pesucha is the 14th letter o the Hebrew Alpahet I came accross the realization that I must take the 14th letter of every sentence and multiply in by x and divide it 4 (because the A is the 4th letter of the Hiragana (Japanese) alphabet) So the formula for finding you is 14x divided by 4 = the number of over all letters in a paragraph that forms a composite of DAN in Spain......So after an egg sandwich and two Uni Giri's stuffed with octopus I pieced it altoghter and BOOM there you were. The letters forming a picture of Dan (that's you) in front of a very strange but smooth looking statue with a car in the back ground with a yellow liscense plate reading "HST is Dead"....Yikes I thought. I then had to figure out what that meant. But your vague message to me--the world- was to complex to figure out, until days later when I read about the death of Hunter S. Thompson. And this leads me to problem 2..

2) Why not share your visions in less abstract ways. Also, I have to add, have your stigmatas returned since arriving in Spain?

3) Why would anyone carry aroound Origin of Species with them while on a travel....Come on. It's one of the dryiest books ever written. And why that heafty little book instead of a cook book since that's how you are earning your room? Hmmm... Makes me think you are involved in Spain's lucrative cloning scheme. Just wondering....

I hope you are well. You look good (at least through the symbolic transformation of numbers you do). Stay well, read well and enjoy your time....

Oh, I was sent 3 boxes of celestial tea, and I am loving every bag of it!!!! Sorry, but as much as I love green tea I had to have something else. It's not that bad. Tension Tamer, Cinnamon and apple (great for this ice box of a home I have) and Honey and some kind of herb that makes my arm pit hair shine like a bowling ball placed in the middle of a beach on a cloudy day.
take care.....kraig

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