Monday, September 15, 2014

Existential crisis/Moving Sale--Synths, Eurorack, Guitar Pedals!

I'm selling a large part of my studio as I reimagine my whole mode of being. (Either I'm going to become a mountain hermit or I'm going to buy a Serge Modular.) I'm not interested in trades. Cash only.
Analog Synths:
Moog Minitaur Recently serviced and in great shape $425
Arturia Minibrute w/ original box and documentation $325
Korg MS-20 mini w/ original box and documentation $425

Arturia Beatstep $65
Akai Max 49 USB/Midi/CV Keyboard Controller $375

Eurorack Modular: Some rack rash
Tiptop Happy Ending Kit (silver) w/ Flying Bus cables $90
Tiptop Tiptop Happy Ending Kit (silver) w/ Flying Bus cables $90
Pittsburgh Modular Envelope $115
Pittsburgh Modular Toolbox $100
Pittsburgh Modular LFO2 $70
Pittsburgh Modular VILFO $120
Pittsburgh Modular Mixer $45
Verbos Complex Oscillator $425 (It has a lot of rack rash--I'm the second owner, but works perfectly.)
Make Noise Optomix $190
Make Noise Function $110
Doepfer A-119 Envelope Follower $85
Doepfer A-143-9 VC Quadrature LFO Jacks are a little loose, but it works perfectly $60
Doepfer A-199 Spring Reverb $150
Doepfer A-112 Sampler $135
Intellijel Buffered Multiple $50
Intellijel Passive Multiple $20
Intellijel uVCF $145
Trogotronic M/177 Tube VCA  $235
Frequency Central Continuum Phase Shifter I think there is a newer version; this is the older one. $160
STG Soundlabs .Mix $90
Malekko Wiard Boogie Filter $135
Malekko Xmix $100
Malekko 8nu8r $65
Malekko Envelator $140
Malekko Noisering $210
WMD Multimode VCA $185
WMD Triple Bipolar VCA $185
WMD Buffered Mult $50
Toppobrillo Quantimator $190
Oberheim SEM Patchpanel $675 (Actually a stand-alone analog synth module)
Koma Kommander $65

I also have a lot of cables. I'll sell Tiptop Stackables for five dollars each. Email me if you're interested!

Guitar Pedals and effects: Please note that I am not a guitarist, so that most of these pedals are in very good shape as my foot has never touched them!
Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man (new version) $265
Electro-Harmonix 8 Step Sequencer $95
Electro-Harmonix Superego $165
Moog Minifooger Drive $145
Moog Minifooger Ring Modulator $125
Death By Audio Total Sonic Annihilation $75
Voodoo Labs Superfuzz $60
Boss Compression/Sustainer $100
Idiotbox Blasteroid Fuzz Earlier version $50
Idiotbox Mad Doctor Stutterer $50
Idiotbox Dimension X $50
MXR Six Band Graphic EQ $50
Moog Expression Pedal unused in original box $30 (I have several of these if you're interested.)

If you are interested please email: tarkka at gmail dot com. My name is Dan and I'm located in Aurora, Colorado. If you want to come look at the items for sale, we can set up an appointment.