Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Best of Angry and Sloppy

I've added a sidebar with links to posts that epitomize the best of my blog. It's been a strange five years. I've made a lot of friends, discovered some amazing music, literature and people. I have had some amazing travel experiences. Those who know me know that one of the great highlights of the past five years has been the birth of my nephew, and the friendship that I'm trying to nurture with him. Soon I hope to meet my new niece.

The "best of" are sort of the more wordy pieces I've done, but I'm also planning to do a set of links to some of the picture posts that I've done. And also include highlights from my co-bloggers. I plan to keep this site up, even as I try to branch out into some other projects. I consider myself a writer, but most any writing I've done that I have shared with people has been on this blog. I think when properly culled, there is something worthy to be found in this blog. I hope you think so too.

I plan to continue to be angry and sloopy. If you have a vote for the "best of" sloppy, let me know in the comments! Thanks for your continued support.

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