Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Future Rappers and Plans for this blog

I don't have any specific plans. However, I think that I won't be posting much on it for awhile. This is for a variety of reasons. One reason is facebook. I've just been posting links on facebook. It's easier, and I get instant reactions. Another reason is that blogger doesn't work as well on my mac. I tried posting the other night and it was just frustrating. I have become sucked into this mode of instant gratification. So, if you want to keep up with my doings, you should add me as a friend on facebook. Start a profile on facebook if you don't have one. Everyone is on it now.

Speaking of instant gratification, Volume 2 of the Ero Gray produced Land of a Thousand Rappers has been released. "DADDY WARBUCK$" (Notice the dollar sign.) And best of all, it's totally free. (And totally strange...much more bizarre than the first one.) I haven't formed an opinion about this project yet, but I think this sort of bizarro freeform strangeness is good for hip hop. Also, the production is really interesting, it's definitely worth a listen. Here's the link. Or here's the direct link to

the download
. (instant gratification.) Psychedelic beats, and vocals like a psychedelic guitar solo.

Speaking of which, you NEED to buy Castanets City of Refuge, and it's companion volume Dub Refuge. I HIGHLY recommend them both. Castanets could be possibly categorized as "Freak Folk" or "Weird Folk." It's not really that weird though; it's just very space-shot and emanating with the desolation of the plains. City of Refuge is available on CD, but Dub Refuge is only available on vinyl and itunes. I just downloaded them a few days ago and I was mighty impressed. Now I'm going to copy and paste all of this onto a facebook post.

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