Friday, August 22, 2008

Ulleungdo, Dokdo Museum

For my 3 day vacation I went to Ulleungdo, an island on the east side of Korea. From Ulleungdo, it is possible to go to the disputed (with Japan) island of Dokdo. It was not possible for me to go to Dokdo. In fact, it was not possible to go back to the mainland because the weather turned bad and the ferry service was cancelled. I went to Ulleungdo on Monday, and I only wanted to stay on Ulleungdo for 1 or 2 days, but there was no return ferry until Friday morning, 5:00 am.

I had a chair, but others had better ideas for the rocky ride to Ulleungdo.

Look how happy Ulleungdo immediately made me. This was before I realized that my minbak had no hot water.

Do you know Dokdo?

Their t-shirts read, in English, "Do you know? Dok-do is a part of Korean territory."

This place will tell you how Dokdo is part of Korea, and not Japan.

This tells you how Dokdo is part of Korea, not Japan.

This map is among many, many maps that show you how Dokdo is part of Korea, not Japan.

This car was parked right outside the Dokdo museum. Hello Kitty is a Japanese cartoon character.

Ulleungdo is land of the squid. Or island of squid, I guess.

I made some friends on Ulleungdo. The blurry guy seated next to me is Lee. He ordered us these gigantic mussels. He told me to eat the hairy part along with the meat. I was drunk, so I obliged.

These concrete breakers posed for me. I think they are in love.

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