Monday, March 31, 2008

Agh! Tomorrow(!?!?!?!) APRIL 2ND is International Clock-brain Awareness Day

Fight clock-brain!

For two seconds on April 2nd at noon turn off all of your clocks! No need to consult your timetables, wrist watches, international time zone guides, or sun dials. Let your friends know! Create a worldwide rally against clock-brain! Only together can we find a cure.

About the group:
Clock-brain awareness group
Common Interest - Health & Wellness
Clock-brain is a modern condition afflicting anyone who follows a clock. Symptoms include being late, early or on time to events. A regular routine that does not follow the patterns of the sun and moon but rather a chronometric device. Ticking sounds in your brain that may or may not be audible to you or those around you. You see visions of a clock or clocks regardless of the physical proximity of clocks.
Contact InfoEmail:
International Institute of Clock-brain Studies
Noon Clock-brain Avenue
Clock Face, United Kingdom
Recent News
Clock-brain may lead to anxiety, depression and timeliness.

Link to the facebook page.

To sum up: In order to face clock-brain head on you have to turn around and ignore the clock-face. But the clock face is not in your face it's in your mind--which is the thing that is behind your face. Think of time and how it doesn't exist; watch the wind blow by and see how it doesn't count the time. Then think of clocks and how it doesn't stop the wind. Clock-brain is the modern affliction of humankind. It can't be stopped because stopping is the idea of clocks, not the mind. That's why we have to raise awareness!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Angry and Sloppy for this timely public service announcement.

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