Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Anger directed at Hitler and his cronies

I'm fed up with Hitler. Would somebody kill that guy? He's a motherfucker. Look, he's in Iran. Look, he's in the Whitehouse. Look, he's on the Supreme Court. Look, he's a state senator. Look, he's Charles Lindbergh. Look, he's the Turkish Government. Look, he's Kenneth Lay. Look, he's WalMart. Look, he's Osama bin Laden. Look, he's Ariel Sharon. Look, he's Arafat. Look, he's Stalin. Look, he's on the TV. Look he's in the history books. And Goebbels. Look, he's Bill O'Reilly. Look, he's Noam Chomsky. Look, he's Rush Limbaugh. Look, he's Michael Moore. And Eichman. He's the people who died in the twin towers. He's William Safire. He's Paul Krugman. And the holocaust happens everyday because of theses guys. It's happening in Bagdad, it's happening in the South Bronx, it's happening all over Africa, in Nepal, in the 21st century, and don't forget the holocaust of the 20th century, The Holocaust, you know, the one in central Europe? And the one by JFK and Nixon and Kissinger and the French and the British Empire and the Holy Roman Empire and Nero and Caesar and King Solomon and Gary Gygax and George Lucas and Mussolini and Philip Larkin and Hitler in the same breath. I can't believe people aren't outraged about this! Let's get rid of this guy!!!

UPDATE: Add Chavez. Don "Hitler was elected" Rumsfeld. Yeah, and GW was too?!!

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